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UmiChan: Maiko v2 UmiChan: Maiko v2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really great.

Had me fapping.

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Vortex00 responds:

dude.. Thanks for the review XD

UmiChan: Maiko UmiChan: Maiko

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Even better than sex with Parfet in Vandread

Nice smooth action. Less chance of Carpal Tunnel. Great reward.

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Vortex00 responds:


Vandread Love Quest Vandread Love Quest

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Much better than the Beta!

Okay, there are still some bugs. And I probably should have written 4 or 5 more talk encounters for each of the girls, but the space game is a lot more playable and the backgrounds are gorgeous. My first time playing I gave a lot of wrong answers just to see what the girls would do. I wasn't disappointed. I'm glad I came back to Newgrounds to look for Sim Dates. Where's the button to add this to a collection? Great job all!

Vortex00 responds:

Yeah some peeps were mentioning the lack of diversity in the dialogue from the girls.

recommend link is kind of in the bottom left of the screen under "Help this author!"

AchingDreamsHentaiDateSim AchingDreamsHentaiDateSim

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Game!!!

You get the Best Ending\Radiance award by Completing both girls storylines and then all tackling the werepuma together. Use both girl's cheats to do it within the 32 days.

You get the back door lover secret by choosing the anal sex option.

You get become a beacon by going back to the lighthouse.

Now, if someone can just tell me tell how to get filthy lucre.

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Listen2Reason responds:

Thanks, I guess. ;)

For "Filthy Lucre", figure out what that phrase refers to, then think of who in the game might be involved with that...

Preloading: For Dummies Preloading: For Dummies

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I'm going to be programming my first flash game in a couple of weeks as part of the learning process to program a massive Sim Date I'm producing. This is plenty clear and solves one problem.

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Recess Rumble (Beta) Recess Rumble (Beta)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice game.

I found the controls a bit hard to handle, but I'm an old fart.

The humor was good and the animations well done. I'd like to know if you would be interested in creating an erotic fighting minigame and programming the sim date it inerlocks with. No pay, but because of the group's RL starpower, big fame to cash in on.

If you're interested contact me at: Madpol1@yahoo plus the dot com thing, for more info.

bahamonStudios responds:

Thanks for the review, about the game, let me talk to my partner about it, we will send you feedback. thanks for the offer

LoZ - Simdate RPG LoZ - Simdate RPG

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Overall, a decent entry.

I'm not going to comment on the glitches, because it's been done and it looks like they've all been covered.

The negatives:

The graphix and tiny sprite animations were cool back in the '70's, but now have only nostolgia value.

The Hentai was kinda limp.

The combat system and minigame only seem to be there because, "You're supposed to have them in a dating sim." They add nothing of value to the game itself and aren't all that interesting in their own right. You probably could have saved yourself some work by skipping them altogether.

What you did right:

The humor and minor characters are great.

Navigation and gameplay mechanix are easy for the player.

You did a good job of giving each of the girls different quirks and dialogue.

Gameplay was balanced to keep the game challenging without being frustrating.

I can believe that it took you 8 months for this. Prototypes always take longer. Some kind of shared code game system would make for a lot more and lot better games. Then, authors would only have to work on the creative stuff, instead of each having to reinvent the wheel.

Now that you know what you're doing, the next one should be faster to do and better at completion.

I've given it 5\5 each of the last 3 days and have submitted it to the sim date collection. Something I think everyone who plays this game should do,

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LilDwarf responds:

Thanks a lot. I agree with the negatives, but I had to do them for the sam reason you said, and I also thought it would add a bit of excitement and not make the game so focused on one thing. It was very challenging creating this from scrath. I really appreciate you recommending it and the fives the last 3 days :D Thanks for the review

Swallow Quest Swallow Quest

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Death awaits you with big, sharp pointy teeth!

It needs a bit more variety and a larger playing field.

Novite responds:

Thanks for the suggestions =)

Twinkle Revue Sim Date 2 Twinkle Revue Sim Date 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A worthy Successor to Tent, Klacid and Simguy!

It's good to see someone making dating sims again, and this one is quite impresive. Well done graphics, good music, sound effects for the sex scenes, fun minigames, (anyone who doesn't get a chuckle out of "playing attention" has never been in a relationship.) The game has a decent enough combat system and the final sex scenes are interesting minigames in themsleves. Sir, I stand in awe of you.

That being said, nobody undertakes a project of this complexity and gets it all right the first time. Some flaws I spotted in the game but not in the previous reviews.

The endings for Scarlet and Violet breakdown afer the dress up game. In fact, I wasn't able to even get Scarlet's bra completely off. you need to install Next buttons at those points. If you don't want to go further in the scene, people still need to get to the credits, especially for the cheat codes you so generously provided for each of the girls at both the 50 and 100 day levels. It's particualarly a shame because the sex scenes seemed to be getting hotter as I progressed to the girls who were more difficult to beat. I was hornily antcipating the ending for Violet, the hardest of the girls to beat.

Ah, the cheat codes. (As I write this I get a vision of Humphrey Bogart in the trial scene from "The Caine Mutiny," clicking his ball bearings and saying--"Ah, the strawberries...that's where I had them..") Your set up only allows the use of one and none of them seem to do anything. A confirmation routine would solve this fairly easily. Asuming, of course, that you aren't planning to activate the cheats later when you see where players are having difficulties.

As a personal preference, I'd like to see the women be more combative. It seems to be a waste of good coding to give them a combat capability and not make more use of it. As it stands, the women only fight when you barge into their rooms before you reach the "Good friend" relationship level and then--win or lose--the game resets the relationship points to zero. OK, that's a valid game device to keep people from getting ahead of themselves and more fun than "She won't let you in."

But, gving more chances to fight the girls, and awarding xperience adds a little extra kinky sexuality to the game and enhances strategic options for the players to advance the relationships moe quickly. And it would certainly be in character for the bloodthirsty Crystal and athletically rowdy Ginger you've created, while bitchy Violet would probably love to have the priviledge of kicking the player's ass on general principles. I say this with no idea of how much work it would entail, and it is as I said, just a preference.

If it's not in keeping with your "all audiences" concept, you could make it available as a cheat.

I gave this game a 5\5 on first viewing and will contnue to do so every day until I get bored with it. I'm also submitting for the Dating Sims category and hope that everyone who reads this review does the same.

Now for some tips for the players. Build energy points first. Reaching 350-450ep wi;; take about two weeks, but it's worth it. Use the leftover points to talk to the girls. but lay off the one you're targeting after she rejects you until you've built up the stats you need to impress her. You'll also need those energy points
later to find out what gift she likes best and to either fight for the gifts or work for the cash to buy them. And finally, you'll need to spend a lot of points to find out the info you need to impress her on dates. Remember each time you hit "ASK" it's going to cost you 20ep.

Once again, bravo! I hope to see more of this stuff from you. And, once the bugs are worked out, this is a salable game. People who actually buy games are paying good money for a lot less.

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Overdrawn responds:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I will fix those bugs right away, and just want to say that your review has been the most helpful so far, and I'm really glad there's people out there like you who take the time to help people out. Thanks for the encouragement too! :)

The Blessing Button The Blessing Button

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Is this your own work?

Or did you just post it on NG because they ask people to add it to their websites? You know, kinda like not breaking a chain letter? Thee animation, what there was of it was really well done.

In any case, I don't have a problem with cyber spirituality. What better place to work with the Element of Void than somewhere where existence is less than Illusion, but only a convention?

In fact, there are studies showing that people playing non fighting video games have the same alpha rhythms that show up during meditation.

Armegalo responds:

Well, it's not a chain letter...
And yes, all my own